Advertising Disclosure

Chatliv Disclosure Statement

At, just like at any other website online, we make a source of income. Our income is primarily spent to pay for the developer, copywriters and graphic designers so that we can provide you with a fantastic resourceful site. We gather our revenue through our referral links that can be found throughout the website. We also place ads at various locations throughout our website. However, will never ask you to pay us any money directly – our site is 100% free to use.

How We Make Money

With our goal being to bring you the very best Adult webcam dating alternatives in one place, we have to make some income. We make money in two ways:

  • Affiliate & Referral Links – Many referral links are placed throughout our site. When clicking on those links, we receive a commission for every purchase you make on that site. Essentially, we get paid a portion of their profits for bringing them leads (you; the buyer).
  • Third-Party Ads – Advertising banner can be found throughout These ads are placed on our website because the owner of the ads bought that ad space. They pay us to place their ads on our website. 

These two money-making methods are our only source of income. You can browse our site without paying us any money. We only make money when we redirect you to another site’s services or products, and you end up paying for them.

Why Are We Disclosing This?

We believe in being 100% transparent on the web. Transparency is a crucial aspect of our service. We strive to be honest with you in every detail about dating companies and our platform. Also, we want to be fair and forthright with our visitors.

Does it Cost you Extra Money?

No, affiliation does not change the set price of any dating service. 

Why do we Participate with Brands?

Our service runs as a business in the first place. The alliance helps our service remain competitive and allows us to create consistent studies with the most reliable data.